Sunday, August 17, 2008

DMB and Crafty Goodies!

My hubby and I went to the Dave Matthews Band concert last night in Dallas, TX. As always, he was amazing and the concert was sooo good! DMB's saxophonist, LeRoi, wasn't there due to his recent ATV accident and his presence was noticed but Tim Reynolds brought something unique to the group on guitar. Tim Reynolds collaborated with Dave on his solo Some Devil album, which is one of my favorite albums of all time. DMB also covered the song "Money" by Pink Floyd and rocked it!

I couldn't have asked for a better set list! Here it is...
Pantala Naga Pampa
Proudest Monkey
So Damn Lucky
Eh Hee
Water Into Wine
Corn Bread
Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
You Might Die Trying
Burning Down The House
Old Dirt Hill
Lover Lay Down
Jimi Thing
Anyone Seen The Bridge
Too Much Intro
Ants Marching
Stay (Wasting Time)

Two Step

When we got back home today, I opened my mailbox to find an envelope full of goodies sent to me by Tabitha of Proud Grits Blog. I entered her giveaway a couple weeks ago and didn't win but she messaged me that she wanted to send me something anyway. How sweet is she?! Check out the beautiful things she sent me (I love the paper she used and I'm partial to birdies at the moment!):

Thank you Tabitha, you are awesome!!


missknits said...

ok i am soo jealous you got to go see DMB!! i love them! awesome music always! sounds like you had a great time too!! and those cards you won are so cute! she does awesome work!

Tabitha said...

Dave?!?!?!?! I love him!!!! Put me down for jealous, too!!! :)
So glad you like your goodies--I have to give my friend Shelly at My Lily Eden for the lil' birdy cards--I just wanted to spread the wealth!! :)
Holler when you need more--really, there's always more where that came from! :)

~Caroline~ said...

DMB is awesome! Glad you got to enjoy them!! Your goody box was so sweet!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Anonymous said...

Aw! I LOVE those bird thingys! So cute. And you're so lucky to see Dave Mathews! He's awesome!!

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