Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Soup Weather

It is finally soup weather here in Arizona (meaning that it is no longer 115 degrees!) and I've been searching my favorite food blogs for recipes. I found this amazing Spice Butternut Squash Apple Soup recipe from goodLife {eats} and I might give it a whirl this soup season. While I'm at it I might just make an extra batch and have a Soup Swap - has anyone done this? Sounds like fun! I found these adorable canning lid labels from A Sonoma Garden to add a handmade touch. Happy souping!



Gina (Prim and Polished) said...

Sounds delish! How funny, on Sunday I was talking to my dad about trying to find a recipe to duplicate this Butternut Squash/Apple Soup we once had at a restaurant in RI. And BAM here's a recipe. Must try!!!!!

Ohhh Soup Swap is a neat idea!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the color of that soup!

BeadedTail said...

That soup looks yummy! It's soup weather here too so I'll have to check it out!

Duni said...

I love soups. The squash soup looks so good...!
And we definitely have the weather for it!

Happy cooking!

Wireworks said...

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Teresa @ good-grace said...

Looks delicious!! I'm all about soups this year ... this definitely ranks as one I need to try.

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