Thursday, April 29, 2010

WellnessMats Review

WellnessMats offers anti-fatigue mats designed to provide maximum comfort, safety, relief and well-being while you stand. They come in many different colors and sizes for use in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, home gym, or even shop or garage use. WellnessMats recently sent me a brown 3' x 2' mat to review and I'm now an official believer in this awesome mat! I like that it blends right in with our decor and that it doesn't look out of place in our kitchen. When using this mat, I found myself able to stand for longer periods of time without back pain while preparing dinner. Every pregnant women with backaches should have this in their kitchen! We have a you cook/I clean policy in our household and Mr. Designs by Vanessa hasn't complained once about having to wash dishes since we got this mat - this alone makes me highly recommend this product! If I could figure out a way to carpet our entire house with these mats, I totally would!

Information from WellnessMats: "WellnessMats dramatically reduces the fatigue and discomfort associated with long term or stationary standing. The unique one piece construction has a soft inner design structure that serves as a preventative approach against potential back, leg, and foot problems. Our revolutionary concept interacts with the body by suspending your body weight thus reducing impact on the joints. Your weight will frequently shift and rebalance itself, reducing the stress and strain of many daily activities. The Wellness Mat promotes better posture, proper circulation, muscle conditioning and a sense of well being."

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cathz said...

my mom would really love to have one of this especially in our catering business where she's the cook... she's constantly standing when cutting up ingredients

Unknown said...

Oooh I heard about these. Thanks for the review! I sooooo need one in the laundry room! lol. That would be divine :D

doreen lamoureux said...

They just look so comfortable. I always get a sore back while doing dishes. Bet this would help.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

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