Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moving=Not Fun

My hubby and I are in the process of moving from TX to AZ. Well actually I should say that I'm in the process of moving from TX to AZ because he already moved there a couple months ago for his job. So that means that I have the wonderful privilege of packing up our apartment. My mom flew in for the weekend to help me and thank goodness she did or I seriously don't think that anything would have gotten done!

I still haven't packed up my closet and because I still have a week left in TX and probably a week in AZ before the movers drop off the rest of our stuff I don't have a clue what I should keep with me and what I should pack. First of all, it is Fall weather here in TX and Summer weather in AZ. Second, what if I'm in the mood to wear something that I have already packed? Third, I'm the type of girl that packs 8 pairs of shoes for a weekend trip...that is 4 shoe options a day...56 shoes won't fit in my car! What's a girl to do?

Moving=Not Fun


Couture Carrie said...

Oh yes, one of life's big stressors; but a fresh start is always a gift.

Good luck with the move, darling!


Nicole Marie said...

good luck! moving can be such a pain but then you feel so accomplished when its all done and the boxes are unpacked!

ps. love your blog

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