Sunday, November 2, 2008

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Sorry bloggy friends, I've been horrible at blogging lately! I have been so busy with the move that I haven't had time for much else. This is what our apartment looks like at the moment...

Yes, those boxes reach all the way to the ceiling! On Tuesday we will be driving from Austin, TX to Peoria, AZ. 15 hours in the car with 2 crying cats in! On the advice of a friend I bought a natural pheromone spray that is suppose to calm them down. I'll let you know if it worked but I'm really doubting a little bottle of spray will do anything. I will be ecstatic when we're all unpacked and settled!

By the way, don't forget to enter my blog contest for a chance to win a pair of Nyblaque's fabulous earrings. Today is the last day of the contest!

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Amy said...

I just moved too, but it was right next door! My landlady owns many of the houses in my neighborhood. Even that was a pain, I don't envy you the move but I do envy you the adventure of the road and starting out at a new place......

My husband is a military contractor currently working for L-3 and although I really like NM I love experiencing new states.

I can't wait to find out if the spray works.

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