Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feature: Scribble It

A few months ago I won a $20 gift card from the very fabulous Scribble It but after browsing their awesome shop I ended up buying an additional wall art decal. It does take some time (and not to mention patience) to apply these decals to your wall but the process is fairly easy to do and the results are too cute!

This "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" decal hangs above our bed and seriously looks like a talented artist came in and painted the wording on the wall. My husband was weary of "vinyl wall art" because he didn't want it to look like stickers stuck to our wall and he was worried it might ruin the paint. After he saw the first decal up he was sold and helped me apply the second decal.

This awesome quote hangs above the closet door in our new office/my new studio. I love it!!



Unknown said...

Oooh! Those quotes look beautiful on the walls. =)

Mannie of MannieMandible said...

Oh beautiful choices! They must surely keep you motivated & happy! ♥Mannie

Little Gray Pixel said...

I know what you mean about the decals taking "patience" to put up. I made the mistake of putting one up all by myself and I nearly had a breakdown. But all is well, it looks great now, just like yours. :-)

Juxtaposition Design said...

Still loving the idea of vinyl wall decals.
Thanks for showing yours! It's good to see how someone actually used them in their own home

Nicole Feliciano said...

These look great. I am looking for ideas for my girls' room. Maybe this is is.

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