Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bathing Suit Season Is Here

I have quickly been reminded that it is officially swim suit season here in AZ with current temperatures in the 100's. When I was living in TX I had a few more seasons to prepare for this dreaded season but AZ apparently skips Spring and dives right into Summer. Knowing that I will soon be shopping for swim suits helped with my motivation to make the trip to the gym today.

I'm following the Buff Brides workout...a very awesome workout plan that I used right before my wedding. I was one of those brides that bought the dress a size too small and then freaked out about how I was actually going to lose the weight...well this plan worked (I fit into my dress).

Wish me luck...I'm sure I'll need it! Check out these cute workout pants I found on Etsy (owning these would also add to my motivation *hint, hint*)...



Lynette said...

Those are cute!

You can do it :)
I love AZ. Living in a beautiful warm climate is motivation too. I'm still cold up here in Canada.

Lucy said...

Wow, fabulous pants! Made me want to work out either.

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