Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Check out this totally cute and hilarious hair clip (this is why I love etsy!)...


IfiHadaHammer said...

Ha! Carona and everything!

swanriverstone said...

LOLOL!!!! OMG! that;s too cute and funny at the same time:-) Great post Vanessa! Thanks for stopping by my blog too:-)

I still drool over your blog layout! its soo cool and OOAK. Awesome.


Kittytreats said...

OMG thanks so much for featuring my spiffy little hair clip on your really fabulous blog! And thanks so much IfiHadaHammer and Nyblaque for the awesome comments too!

I have a spaghetti night hair clippy too. XD

You rock, hope you had some good nachos yesterday!

Angela said...

I love Kittytreats! I have one of her hair clips! Mine is turquoise and sparkly!

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