Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Upcycled Gift Wrapping

Happy Holidays my crafty friends! Check out my latest tutorial that I wrote for Craftzine: Upcycled Gift Wrapping. Happy upcycled wrapping!

Add your Upcycled Gift Wrapping photos to the Designs by Vanessa Tutorial Flickr Group.



Nunie said...

This is such an awesome idea. Thank you so much for posting it. Brilliant.

Reyna Meinhardt said...

Thank you for the adorable idea! I am excited about wrapping my Mom's birthday gift and love new ideas! I have a question though...and this is quite a silly question...were did you buy the paper? Thanks!

Vanessa @ See Vanessa Craft said...

ApachesPrincess - I didn't have to buy anything, everything was upcycled. I used brown paper shopping bags that you get from the grocery store, a recycled newspaper and an old sweater for the ribbon.

Here is a link to the article: http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2009/12/upcycled_gift_wrapping.html

Duni said...

Very cool.
I love wrapping presents :)

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