Monday, March 22, 2010

Lullabelly Review

generously sent me a prenatal music belt to review and this is by far the coolest pregnancy gadget that I've tried out. The Lullabelly is a soft belt that you wear around your belly, it has a built in speaker that you can hook up to your MP3 player so both mom and baby can bond over the same tunes. Baby and I were jamming out to Dave Matthews Band above (I told you, I have more of a 20 week bloat than a bump at this point). My husband has been trying to convince me to add his favorite 80's rock bands to my play list but I think our baby already has a preference for my favorite band.

Developing babies start reacting to sounds outside of the womb at approximately 20 weeks, the perfect time to start introducing music. Not only is the Lullabelly a great bonding tool, it also offers many other benefits for baby. Playing music for your baby can have positive effects on fetal brain development, prenatal learning, reducing stress levels during pregnancy and improving baby's sleeping habits after birth. You can read more about these benefits here. Having worked in the mental health field for several years, I know first hand of the many benefits that music therapy can offer. It makes sense that music would also be beneficial for developing babies in the womb.

So, would I recommend this product? MOST DEFINITELY! It is now available in 5 colors (I hope my little boy doesn't mind that I'm wearing pink) and you can buy it HERE.



Anonymous said...

How cute!I want one,lol.Lucky you they are coming up with some really cute things for babies now.Im so old haha.

Have a great day!

Heather said...

That is awesome! Maybe your baby will come out with an edge in the music world eh?!

Skulda said...

If you like that gadget, check out think Geek:
They had a similar baby belt that housed an mp3 player system! When I have a baby i'm totally getting one!
This is the Think Geek version of the belt:

Happy groovin' you two! :D

Unknown said...

You look fantastic. =)

Living near the city is a lot of fun. It's just an hour and a half on the train, which makes it nice and easy since I don't deal with parking.
It's certainly worth a trip when you can make it.

Kristen said...

I am a new follower and had to say that you look SO adorable with your little belly! Congratulations on your pregnancy! My husband and I struggled with infertility and after over 2 years, we were blessed with our son. He is 20 months old today! Enjoy this time because it goes WAY too fast :)

Looking forward to reading more about your journey!

Prenatal Music Lessons said...

This review makes that thing more interesting. It looks cute and based on this review it is a very good quality. I need to try this one.

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