Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thinking Pink

We're 99% sure on everything boy related - we have a name picked out and a fabulous plan for the nursery all ready to go. It's not that I want a boy over a girl, but for some reason I'm just less indecisive with boy stuff. Seeing as how we already have a plan for a boy, I need to put my pink thinking cap on and come up with some ideas for a girl before our big ultrasound on Thursday. After Thursday, Project Nursery will start and it'll be full speed ahead from there!

I want something unique, modern and feminine for a girl's room. I was originally thinking pinks, blues and yellows but lately I can't seem to get mustard and pink out of my head. I will of course be adding birdie accents to the room but I don't want it to necessarily be a bird themed room. You all know of my latest obsession with mustard but I'm afraid that it is only a temporary obsession and after a year I will hate it. I want something that our little girl (if that is what we are having) will be able to grow into.

After several hundred (thousands?) of searches for the perfect girl crib bedding, I've returned empty handed. That is when I decided that I will have a fabulous Etsy seamstress custom make our bedding and the search for the perfect fabric commenced. Going with the two color schemes I mentioned above, I found these gorgeous prints by the fab Amy Butler:

(Option 1) Pinks, blues and yellows (the blues don't match in the pic but I've *heard* that they match in person):

Bad example (picture the yellow where the icky tan is and the blue fabric as the skirt - or I might just do a solid blue) from Baby Bedding:

(Option 2) Mustard yellow and pink (why do I love this so much?!):

Gorgeous example by babydarling:

I need your feedback creative people. Any other fabric suggestions? Vote on which option is your favorite or if you have ideas, I would love to hear them!!



Jennifer [Aspiring Fashionista] said...

The second option is beautiful! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the second one as well.You will drive yourself crazy if its a girl,lol.Some reason looking at things for girls is really tiring but fun.About the time you say I love this and get ready to buy you will find something else LOL.That was me anyway.EnJoy!

Erin said...

We're in the same boat...if our little one is a boy we're doing paper airplanes, if it's a girl we're doing a hod podge of fabrics. I've fallen in love with Heidi Grace's whimsical floral prints and bird and tree prints. They all tie together so perfectly that we think we'll do a combo of the fabrics for the crib and frame some for cheapo wall art.
The main fabric:
Accent fabrics:


Vanessa @ See Vanessa Craft said...

Thank you!! I think I'm leaning towards the second option as well.

suchandsuchshop - love your fabric choices!! Great ideas!

Lori said...

I concur--the second option is fantastic! Such creative options! My son has a "Hichhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" themed room with fabric from Pottery Barn while my daughter has lots of purple (her pick) and fairies (stuff my amazingly talented mother in law embroidered on fabrics I found online a few years ago).

I would mention that you could skip the bumpers, or use your creative powers to come up with something else to use them for since you are supposed to remove them from the crib between three and five months of age.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with everyone else, the pink and yellow is so pretty.
I also like pink paired with soft brown's. But the yellow is more unexpected. =)

TinkerDot Designs said...

Congratulations! How exciting! Well, if it's a girl, you will be in for lots of drama, but lots of fun (I have 2 girls ages 3 and 5). I think I like #2 best as well, however, I LOVE that aqua/blue color, so I would say just throw a little of that in the room too with like a cute pillow that has that color or maybe a touch of it in some art or little figurines, etc. I really like your idea of the pink/mustards but I think you can still add a color like that aqua that just pops wherever it is. I like a little bit eclectic though :) So exciting!!!

Mrs. Martin said...

I really love the second one. Theres something sweet and pretty about it. How could your baby girl just NOT have sweet dreams in that set!

Nannieflash said...

Hi Vanessa, Im really thrilled to hear about the baby, and I do so hope whatever it is will bring you much happiness and joy.
My love I should choose which you honestly prefer, and to be honest you can always have two different schemes, you will need more than one set for a baby believe me, and Ive bought up four babies and should know. With love, hugs and many congratulations. Shirleyxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...


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