Monday, January 1, 2007

Misikko Flat Irons

Using a flat iron is easy! Simply put, all you need to do is slide the heated plates from root to tip until hair is sleek and shiny. In more technological terms, what is really happening is that the heat is breaking down the hydrogen bonds in your hair, which cause curl. Once you get the hair wet again, they re-form. You can turn curly hair straight and make straight hair even straighter.

Hair Straighteners

What iron is best for your hair?

Once you know the process, the next step is to figure out which of the many brands of hair straighteners out there you should purchase. Salons obviously know which products to pick. They only use the best products and appliances on their clients. When choosing one to buy for home use, professional flat irons are the way to go. Salon quality may mean shelling out a little more money, but it will show in your final hairstyle.

One of the most well known lines of hair appliances is the CHI brand. Purchasing a CHI hair straightener and/or their other products are so popular because of the technology that they use. The name evokes this as well ? Catonic Hydration Interlink. Their straighteners use Far Infra Red, which heats the hair from the inside out and penetrates deeper for better results. CHI has a wide variety of flat irons to choose from. They have ceramic irons to provide the most consistent heat, ionic irons to seal in moisture, and far infrared irons to reduce static and frizz. These are all offered in a variety of sizes as well.

A BaByliss flat iron is another great choice to smooth out your unruly locks. Their straighteners have advanced ceramics for a high-shine finish and easy to read temperature lights so that you can achieve your desired settings in a flash. They are also working on a more curved design for easier straightening and curling. Their Pro Micro Straightener is a great option for short hair. Their half-inch ceramic plates get close to the root.

British company GHD is another brand with a great reputation for hair products. GHD flat irons are offered in a variety of styles to match specific types of hair. Try the IV Mini Styler for shorter hair or the IV Salon Styler for thicker hair. You can also choose one of their options such as the IV Styler, which is great for all styles of hair. Choose the right one for you and start styling. One of the best features of this brand is that their appliances come with a ?sleep mode?. You?ll never have to feel that pang of worry if you forget to turn off your straightener because they automatically turn off after 30 minutes if left unattended. The bonus with buying a GHD hair straightener is that you receive complimentary hair products with your purchase.

No matter which flat iron you end up deciding to purchase, if you care for it right, you will be able to straighten your hair for years to come!



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